Hybe in-ear Headphones Review

Hybe in-ear Headphones

Hybe in-ear headphones ( K-pop / Purple edition)

These BTS purple in-ear headphones were developed as an improved version of any other in-ear model. Hybe provides some of the most affordable, trustworthy, and dependable headsets on the market, and this device is no exception of it. They are completly reliable, comfortable, and let you experience what it's like to be an artist life. To get the best music sensation or audio sound, you must try these pair of  Hybe in-ear headphone. Particularly the base is fantastic.  

You can also easily connect the device to the jack cable and use it as an over-earphone by bending the cable's wire in a circle and wearing it over your ears. After the first time collaborating, they are a completely easygoing process when it comes to pairing issues. Simply remove them from the charging case together, and your phone will instantly pair with them. The design and shape of this device are intended to prevent the unit from falling out. Once the cable pin is in the unit, carefully move it up and down until perfectly fits. It is a well-developed earphone with easy Use & Cutting-Edge Technology.

The  specification of Hype in-ear headphones:

Type of Connection: Wired
Type of Earphone, Headphone, and Headset: In-Ear
Focused on Gaming: Yes
Audio Compatibility:  Ipad or Mobile

Their main objective was to provide the best sound quality to your ears, which they have successfully accomplished. And also will last for many years without deteriorating. There are no drawbacks for the user, and the noise isolation is excellent. You can use them While exercising or to watch movies, watch TV, or listen to music. We doubt you'll ever use the other company's product again if you hear music in it just once. 

The Features and Using Process:

1.  Pick up/ Hanging up the phone call:  please do Single Press the contact area on the Earbud.
2.  Play/Pause: Click on the earbud's touching area once.
3.  For playing the Previous Song: Double-click the left earbud's contact area to play the previous song.
4.  To get the Next Song: Right Earbud's touching region should be clicked twice.
5.  To increase Volume (+): Hold the left earbud's touching part.
6.  To decrease the Volume (-): Hold the touching area of the Right Earbud

These technologies are the most user-friendly and advanced. We believe hybe gives you the best enjoyable audio experience.


Question 1: How do I use the earbuds to control the volume?
Answer: Yes. Tap three times or press for 3 sec long on the right earbud to increase volume, and tap twice on the left earbud to decrease volume.

Question 2: How can I turn the hybe in-ear headphones off?
Answer: put them in the charging case. They will automatically shut off if they are out of Bluetooth range for 10 minutes.

Question 3: Are these compatible with my PC?
Answer: Yes. But if I have previously used them with something else, like my phone or iPad, it's more like  I have to pair them every time.

Question4: Hybe Headphones: Is it just for BTS?
Answer: However, the Hybe Insight won't just be a place for BTS. In actuality, bands like Seventeen and Gfriend will also be included. Anyone can use them.

Question5:Is there an app for Hybe?
Answer: The Hybe insight app allows you to fully experience the power of music. To ensure a pleasant and engaging watching experience, HYBE INSIGHT is run entirely by reservations.

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