Bytech wireless charger : With dual foldable pad white black BYOPCP704 WT

In this modern world, life without our devices has become totally unimaginable. We can’t pass a single day without using our smartphones or other modern gadgets. They make our life way easier and more comfortable. Bytech Wireless Charger has become the most hyped charger device nowadays. it was officially launched in China at first. As it is new in the market people get curious to know and find them more interesting to use than a cable charger.

Bytech wireless charger

Key Features of Dual(2 phones) Bytech Wireless Charger:

  • Two Wireless Charger pads
  • 1 Micro USB Cable ( USB Type-C power adapter) for the power supply 
  • Bytech wireless charger provides you with 10W maximum charging power.
  • Has Proper Alignment Using Built-In Magnets
  • There are two ports with glossy covers on them.
  • Integrated LED indicator light shows charging progress.
  • To prevent your smartphone from slipping off the charging pad, there are white anti-slip rubbers in the center of the pad.
  • Utilizes any Qi-enabled device.
  • It has the metal foreign body protection for Undervoltage or overcurrent supply
  • Bytech wireless dual charger also has overcharge protection in it that prevents the phone from ruining the battery life and helps in maintaining the phone temperature while charging.
  • protection from short circuit

Maximum 5V/2A input.
Maximum 5v/1 A output

The wireless charging system is an advancement of technology that works best with smartphones that support Qi Wireless Charger, including the Apple 8 iPhone series, X-Series, 3 series,11 series, 12 series,13 series and, Samsung Galaxy series (56 -521), Note 8,9 and Later, Galaxy Fold and Flip series, LG G2-G7 Series, and Google Pixel 3-Series and many more.
Put your phone down on this bytech wireless charger pad and simply you can get rid of the problem of having to deal with plugging and unplugging a cable. The internal magnets maintain it in place and aid in the alignment of the phone. When paired with a compatible USB Type-C power adapter, it can provide up to 10W of charging power. Use the Bytech Wireless Charger with Dual Foldable Pad to simultaneously charge two phones.

Instructions for new Users:

  • Link your charger to an AC power source. Use the Type C charging cable that is provided.
  • Place the charger down on a flat, level surface.
  • With the display facing up, place your cellphone on the charger. It should be placed in the charger's center for maximum effectiveness..
  • After a few seconds later you place your device will start to charge and an LED indicator light will show up on the screen.
  • This Dual Wireless Charger simultaneously can charge two devices.. 
  • You can easily fold it after using it and put it back into your drawer or in your bag.
  • You can easily carry this amazing bytech wireless charger anywhere you go.

Advantages and disadvantages of Bytech wireless charger:

  • No Wear and Tear on charging point: There is no chance of phone port damage that happens when the users directly use cable.
  • Zero Chance of Overheating: When a Qi-compatible phone is fully charged, it switches off the wireless charger to conserve energy and avoid overheating the battery.
  • Easy and Safe connections for anyone.
  • reduced clutter: There is no need to keep track of several wires and cords, which frequently disappear or break.


  • It is not precisely just wireless, A micro USB port is used to connect the link.
  • You cannot access your phone while charging on the port. 
  • Your phone charges more slowly on a wireless charger
  • You must focus-more intently-on your phone. 
  • Cable chargers are less-expensive than-wireless charging pads.

Safety caution: This type of item(Bytech Wireless Charger with Dual Foldable Pad) exposes you to substances like DEHP, which the State of California knows can affect the reproductive system by increasing the risk of cancer and birth problems. Never throw out electrical waste in the garbage. Visit for more information. We highly advise using an adapter with a minimum output of 2A