Bt21 Phone Charger Review

 Bt21 phone charger

We can not spend a single day without our mobile phones in this modern world. It has become a constant companion in our everyday lives and for getting continuous services your mobile phones require a charger. As long as there is a power source nearby, it enables users to charge and use their gadgets wherever. When you talk about phone chargers b21 phone charger provides the best services nowadays.  This portable mobile charger is used to recharge electrical gadgets.

There are numerous varieties of mobile phone chargers on the market, including PD chargers, wireless chargers, home chargers, and auto chargers. A cell phone charger that we use to charge our phones at home is typically referred to as a home charger. If a smart home charger is what you're looking for then the bt21 portable charger is a  multiple-use stand charger that definitely needs your on your desk. It will help you manage your pen-pencils, charge your phone, and alsohave a mirror you can use daily. 

The products you will get with the bt21 phone charger package:

1. Standing Power adapter,
2. charging cable for type C charger,
3. User Guidance.
After connecting the Type C connection port of the charging stand to the power adapter, context the USB connector to the latter. This Wireless charging enables you to use your smartphone while standing.

Product Information:

Brand name: BT21 Wireless Charger
Model’s name: I3T21 Wireless phone Charger
Frequency of Operation: 110 – 205KHZ
Suitable for: iPhone, Samsung, Huawei
Product Bodyweight:144g
Charging Procedure: Qi
Product Materials: ABS+PC+Alumin um alloy+Silicone 
Size and Dimensions: 10’7’11cm (12W*H)
Input: 5 V 2 A and 9 V 1.67 A
Output power: 10w/7.5w/5w
Charger Range: S 8mm
75% Charging Efficiency
2 coils total

             Status of the Work


           Indicator( LED Light)

Link to a power source or go into standby

The blue light remains on

On Charge

Red light remains on.

incorrect use of metal charge (FOD)

Red and blue lights alternately flash.

Fully Charged phone

Blue lights briefly flash before remaining on.

Charge at low voltage

Redlights alternately flash.

Typically, we advise keeping the thickness of the phone case to no more than 3 mm (0.12 inches), and no more than 8 mm (0.3inc h). The temperature of our product should be kept within 130°E despite the fact that the recommended Qi wireless charger temperature is 130°F. When abnormal heating occurs, the charger will stop drawing power. You can use either an air vent holder or a dashboard holder and both work nicely! There is a release button on the side to unclamp the phone from the charge, and it holds the phone really tightly. When you need a power source right away, the bt21 charger provides great compatibility with vans, buses, and automobiles.


Question: Does it function on the iPhone?

Answer: Indeed, it does!  you can easily charge your iPhone with  bt21 wireless charger.

Question: What are the best phone chargers?

Answer: we will pick for Anker PowerPort III NanoRAVPower 30W Dual Port Compact PD Charger, bts car charger, etc

Question: What kind of chargers are used for iPhone?

Answer: The USB-C is included with every iPhone 12 and iPhone 13 normally. Therefore, to charge the iPhone 12 and 13, The Apple adapter users will need a USB-C power adapter. In this situation, the bt21 car charger is considered as  the Smart Phone charger.