When Can You Use Bluetooth Headphones On a Plane?

Traveling can be stressful, especially when traveling via air. You must endure hours of prolonged stillness when flying. If you are really wondering at this “Can you use Bluetooth headphones on a plane? the answer is, yes, by doing so you can watch or listen to music on your plane journey. Because they are very necessary short-range gadgets and can minimally interact with aircraft.

can you use bluetooth headphones on a plane

What Do Airline Regulators Say About the Use of Bluetooth Headphones?

You can enjoy high-quality audio through a nice pair of Bluetooth headphones (including Top Quality earbuds) with a great battery life till the end of your trip.

Some guidelines apply to all flights taking off and landing because the FAA regulates the country's airspace and give restrictions. The FAA changed certain things for the better regarding the use of electronic devices while flying in 2013. The major reason why headphones are not permitted during takeoff and landing it that you need to hear announcements on the flights. You must listen to orders from the crew of the aircraft in the event of an emergency. In most cases, airlines are concerned about headset cords getting in the way during an evacuation, but this is not a problem with wireless Bluetooth headphones.

It's becoming less common to see people using wired headphones now that wireless headphones are so widely available and widely used in products. In the year 2020, requiring flyers to have headphones with a 3.5mm audio jack seems outdated. additional airlines will soon embrace this capacity with the most available technology. For the duration of the flight, including takeoff and landing, short-range Bluetooth devices like wireless keyboards and headphones are acceptable. However, several airlines' flight attendants occasionally request that passengers limit their usage of Bluetooth devices to only when the aircraft is in the air, not during takeoff or landing. Not all airlines follow the same policies; some might be more rigid or flexible regarding the use of Bluetooth devices.

You don't have to struggle with a tangle of cables when using Bluetooth headphones because they are simple to use. You can move around without having to take your phone around with you everywhere because they connect in a matter of seconds. According to a United Airlines announcement, travelers on board Boeing 737 Max 8 aircraft will be able to seamlessly connect Bluetooth headphones to their seatback displays.

Although Bluetooth isn't a new technology but there have always been communication problems when dozens of Bluetooth devices are linked together in a small space. wireless gadgets like laptops, smartwatches, and wireless keyboards will be carried out with you too. So, it is not very practical to have to turn off all of this equipment whenever you board a plane. 

The cabin technology that enables dependable simultaneous connections was just recently developed and they allowed to use of these types of short ranges of Bluetooth headphones. This can also ease any fears you have as a traveler about Bluetooth safety on airplanes. If it were risky but more than one hundred customers couldn't connect their Bluetooth devices at once on United or other airlines.

Which airlines accept Bluetooth earbuds? And their conditions:

1. Delta airlines: During takeoff and landing it is not permitted (seatback connectivity coming soon). Even though Delta is including Bluetooth capability in its in-flight entertainment systems, it isn't typically available yet with Bluetooth headphones, so you'll only be able to use wired headphones.

2. United Airlines: There are no limitations on when Bluetooth can be used. While flying, Bluetooth headphones are permitted. The majority of flights do not yet allow the use of Bluetooth headphones with the in-flight entertainment systems. However, some flights will allow you to stream content through their app, and they are currently updating their entertainment systems to accept Bluetooth.

3. American Airlines: During takeoff and landing, not allowed. You can view in-flight entertainment on your phone or tablet while wearing Bluetooth headphones due to their in-flight entertainment app.

4. Southwest Airlines: Not permitted during taking off or landing. You can access the in-flight entertainment systems on Wi-Fi-enabled flights through your browser, allowing you to watch it using Bluetooth headphones. However, an internet connection during the flight will cost you an additional $8.

5. JetBlue:  Bluetooth headphones are permitted, there are no limitations on when Bluetooth can be used While flying but unfortunately, their in-flight entertainment systems do not support Bluetooth headphones.

6. Spirit Airlines: There are no limitations on when Bluetooth can be used. There is no in-flight entertainment available on Spirit.

So, potentially you can use your Bluetooth headphones on a plane to view or listen to movies, TV shows, or music in their collection because all of the airlines listed (apart from Spirit) offer a selection of complimentary IFE that can be streamed via an app (or, in the case of Southwest, an internet browser). Nothing prevents you from utilizing your Bluetooth headphones as long as you're using your device. Only United has so far made the technology available to passengers, enabling them to directly link their wireless Bluetooth headphones to their seatback.

Like other wireless Bluetooth headphones, Air Pods function similarly. You can use them on most flights, but you'll probably be requested to turn them off during takeoff and landing. As a result, the rules for both are the same.


1. Do Bluetooth earbuds function properly on airplanes?

Answer: Yes, and the majority of planes allow Bluetooth headphones.

2. When are Bluetooth headphones allowed on airplanes?

Answer: Except for while taking off and landing.

 3. Are Bluetooth Headphones Chargeable on Planes?

Answer: It depends on the airline you're flying with because not all airplanes have USB ports.

4. Can You Use any Bluetooth Device on a Plane?

Answer: you are permitted to use your phone but you should turn off cellular data. A laptop in airplane mode is also acceptable to bring.

5. How do I connect my wireless earphones to the inflight entertainment systems?

Answer: If your headphones are wireless Bluetooth, you can. For these the following two items are required: 1. A 3.5mm Bluetooth adapter 2. Aviation plug.