Red Headphones on Sale | Wireless-22 Hours of Listening Time

 About this Red headphones item:

If you want to swiftly listen to music, bring these wireless Red headphones with you everywhere you go. Works with both iOS and Android devices connection. The high-performance wireless noise-canceling quality of red headphones is remarkably consistent in all environments. 

An upgraded listening experience is maintained through real-time audio calibration. Pure ANC (adaptive noise cancellation) actively covers the outer sound disturbance. You'll be stunned to learn that fully functional wireless playback services can last up to 22 hours on a single charge. Quick Boost offers 3 hours of play when the battery is low after a 10-minute charge. By inserting the included micro-USB cable into the connector on the right ear cup's bottom, you can charge your Studio3. By holding down the power button on the right ear cup for one second, you can easily turn Studio3 on or off.

The multifunctional on-ear controls and microphone allow you to adjust your music, make calls, and ask Siri. Its Apple W1 chip and market-leading Bluetooth technologies keep you connected for longer periods with fewer drop-outs. By reducing distractions, headphones can help you focus better when exercising. It may shift your attitude or aid with concentration. Each ear cup of Studio3 red headphones has an integrated microphone for excellent voice absorption.

To start pairing mode on Studio3, press and hold the power button on the right ear cup for three seconds until the LED begins to flicker. for simple one-touch pairing, select the Google Play store and download the Beats app. The Bluetooth menu on your smartphone is another alternative available.

What's inside the Box Beats Studio3 Wireless red Headphones, Carrying Case, Remote Talk 3.5mm Cable, Universal USB Charging Cable, Quick Start Manual, Warranty Card Connectivity. It offers a solid pace for lifting or running.

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Type of Connection: Wireless

Bluetooth specification: Bluetooth 3.0 

Approximately Bluetooth Range: 10 Meters

Audio Details:

20Hz-20KHz is the frequency response (Hz-kHz).


USB power: 250 mAh

Battery Charger: Certainly

Charging Time: 2 Hours


1. What are the four types of headphones?

Ans: The four distinct categories of headphone form factors are circumoral (over-ear), supra-aural (on-ear), earbud, and in-ear.

2. How many hours a day should you wear headphones?

Ans: According to Dr. Foy, you should only use MP3 players for a total of 60 minutes highest with 60% of headphone volume. Hearing duration should be shortened when the louder the volume.  Basically, you shouldn’t listen at a maximum volume for more than five minutes.

3. Do they come with a cable to connect directly to non-Bluetooth devices?

Ans: These include a 3.5mm Remote Talk cable with a built-in microphone and controls to connect to any standard audio source.

4. Do they come with a case?

Ans: Studio3 includes a hard case for easy storage and portability.

5. Can you manage the music?

Ans: Onboard control systems are built into the left ear cup of Studio3. Use the "b" button to control playback: press it once to start or stop it, twice to go forward, and three times to go back. Changing the volume with the volume rockers above and below the "b" button.

6. How can I turn on Siri or another voice assistant on red headphones?

Ans:  It can be summoned by holding down the "b" button on the left ear cup. 

This is all about preference. You may find so many options with red headphones in many renowned brands. out of all this you need to remember that, the sound quality and the consistency should be your top demands. Please look at this quality and the services thoroughly before you decide what you want to buy for yourself.

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