Angel 65 keyboard | Pin mount seamless keyboard : True customer review

The Angel 65 keyboard is one of the most premium and outstanding mechanical keyboards.  We can get this keyboard from the market offering a silver chassis, CherryMX circuits, Winkey or WKL PBT button, a pin mount mounting style, 3 different pad alternatives, and complete customizability via QMK system software. The Angel 65 is a device keyboard whose main objective is to provide an excellent typing experience, and it certainly lives up to that promise. However, some of you might find the 65 percent configuration challenging, and some of you might find the RGB special effects to be a little underwhelming.

Angel 65 keyboard

What is pin mount design?

A unique mount design known as pin mount and was introduced by the owner of Cable Car Design.

There is no external pressure put on the disk from the top portion. The disk is held in place and rests on the base's lip by four pins that act as pillars in the corners. Because there is no downward pressure, the plate is allowed to freely move toward the center. Additionally, it keeps consistent pressure on the board's edge.

Available Colors:

1. E Black

2. E White

3. Aluminosilicate Glass

E Black, E White, and Anodized Aluminum are the three colors available for this Keyboard. This enables you to give your keyboard a distinctive appearance that will impress everyone who sees it.

What is a 65 keyboard

What is the 65 Angel Keyboard?

The Angel Keyboard's revolutionary pin seamless mounting design is a significant advancement over its pioneer and will take over as the new benchmark for mechanical keyboards. The most iconic and most updated angel 65 keyboards are the Compact ones that come with up to 68 keys instead of 108 short keys which makes them much smaller than other keyboards because they don't have normally a numeric keypad or a row of function buttons.

It was also initially created with mobility and versatility in mind, making it ideal for people who are always on the go or work in Alpine locations and enjoy using small keyboards. This keyboard is likely to please whether you're a Pc gamer or a keyboard lover or owing a laptop and wants to play the game this keyboard is the best choice. 

It will be a great option if you're looking for the coolest mechanical keyboard through this you can improve your typing experience very easily. If you're looking for the newest and greatest portable device that will enhance your typing experience, this Keyboard is a fantastic choice.

This keyboard will assist you in staying current and in front of the curve thanks to its distinctive design language and pin mount mounting technique. It is simple and easy to bring your stylish keyboard wherever you go. The remarkable new form factor design of the Angel Keyboard offers users a unique user experience. It is ideal for a wide range of users thanks to its durable design, numerous colors, and selection of plate alternatives.

Is it worth it to buy 65 keyboards?

65 keyboard is providing you with a simple, clean design laptop and working service that helps to save up valuable desk space. Nowadays Angel 65 keyboards are gaining much more popularity among programmers and gamers alike since they have all the features of a full-sized keyboard.

Angel 65

A True Customer Review:

These Keyboards are highly customizable, premium, mechanical keyboards. Numerous users have praised the 65 Angel Keyboard, which piqued our interest to the point where we felt compelled to try one out with our shaky hands. 

1. Enhance Quality: 

The overall design is the very first thing we observed when we opened the keyboard's package, so we'll start there. It is, after all, this is the main attraction. The pure aluminum alloy used to create the

Angel Keyboard feels as strong and durable as an ox. The plate is composed of polypropylene, which is not only extremely flexible but also lighter. The Angel 65 keyboard employs pin mounts instead of screws to attach the plate to the casing, effectively securing it into place and allowing for some mobility, which improves and smooths up typing.

The manufacturing quality is utterly fantastic overall, with incredible attention to every detail. We are eager to refer to the 65 Keyboard as a work of art since it is so excellent. It just feels cool to refer to it as a simple computer accessory.

2. switch style:

Standard Cherry MX Switches are implemented on the Keyboard. Gateron Brown switches were provided with our specific review unit, and we must admit that these "Gators" have since become our preferred switches up to nowadays. The Brown switches fall somewhere in between the blue and red switches, which are frequently obnoxiously loud. The Red switches are typically quieter but also frequently 'too' smooth and linear with no bumps.

While Brown switches have bumps just like blue switches do, they still have a noticeably lower actuation force and click sound than red switches. Brown switches therefore try to bridge the gap between Blue and Red ones. These are comfortable for both typing and playing video games. When playing video games needs the constant clacking of blue switches which is annoying, with these 

3. Brightness

The Angel 65 Keyboard includes RGB illumination, as is standard with any high-end mechanical keyboard. Each key has its own RGB lights, which is easily programmable through software.

The RGB colors on the backlight are pretty bright and vivid, but fortunately not in an annoying way. It also has a very wide range of lighting and color variations. However, RGB LED strips are not available with these.

Even though the Angel 65 doesn't have the best RGB lighting effects available, it more than adequately completes the task.

4. Comfort

You'll find the petite layout to be almost ideal. It's incredibly simple to use the complete keyboard without having to stretch your fingers because all the keys are close to one another. If you've never used a 65 keyboard before, it could take some getting used to this compact layout, but once you do, there's no turning back to full-sized keyboards. Overall, we believe that the 65 layouts are close to ideal for both gamers and typists.

It is extremely comfortable because of its modest incline, which significantly lessens wrist fatigue and improves typing comfort. Overall, you'll find the aesthetics of the Angle 65 Keyboard to be nearly ideal.

5. User interactions with the keyboard

The buttons are simply amazing. The user experience is outstanding, the modification is available for those who prefer to customize their keyboards, and the RGB lighting effects are more than adequate for everyone outside the most ardent RGB lovers.

Overall, using this keyboard is a very fantastic experience. This is the greatest of the best if you want it. You're in for a treat just be sure to allow the unusual 65 percent keyboard layout some time to grow on you.

6. The Cost of the keyboard

The Angel keyboard's entry-level model costs $450. The keycaps, Pcbs board, and buttons you select will have a significant impact on the final cost.

We can check how well they work in video games by playing “League of Legends”. Because there are so many key bonding and keyboard shortcut buttons that are popular in this keyboard, your keyboard plays a vital role to make or break the match. You need to use the most updated keyboard here.

Angel keyboard


1. Where can I buy a 65 Angel keyboard?

Answer: You can typically find it at Cannon Keys, where you can also pick from two different button layouts and three different colors and stocks.

2. Is the Angel 65 percent Keyboard compatible with Mac?

Answer: Sure. With the Angel 65 percent Keyboard, you can quickly switch between Windows and Mac layouts because it is entirely compatible with Mac OS. You can also order the keyboard if you only use Apple products and never use Windows OS.

3. What Does the 65 Percent Angel Keyboard Cost?

Answer: A 65 percent Angel Keyboard costs $450. Depending on the add-ons, the final cost could change.

4. Compared to other mechanical keyboards, how is the Angel 65 percent better?

Answer: The Angel 65 percent Keyboard features excellent build quality, plenty of personalization possibilities, complete customizability, programmable keys made possible by QMK firmware, as well as a variety of switch alternatives. The Angel 65 Percent stands out from the other mechanical keyboards on the market because of all these features.

5. Should I purchase a 65% keyboard 65 or 75%?

Answer: Choose a 75 % keyboard over a 65 percent model if you frequently use the function line of keys at the upper edge of your keyboard.

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