Kurdene Wireless Earbuds Review : 38H Playtime IPX8 Waterproof for iPhone, Android

Kurdene wireless earbuds review feature with most updated cutting-edge Bluetooth 5.2 technology which has a high speed, reliable, and tangle-free transmission. 

This technology improves the earbuds' connection consistency to electronic devices and gives you continuous music, calling experiences and connection to electronic devices and providing you with the best noise-canceling headphones. Once you got the pair of earbuds removed from the charging case for use, these Bluetooth headphones would instantly link and automatically connect with your device.

Kurdene Wireless Earbuds Review

Item sizes: 2.36 x 1.77 x 1.5 inches or 6 x 4.5 x 3.8 cm

Item Weights: 1.59 ounces or 45.08 grams

Product code: K-S8

Batteries: three lithium polymer batteries are provided.

What's in the box that you receive?

1. Earphones

2. Charging Case

3. User Guide

4. Cable for Type-C Charging

5. 6 pairs of ear caps, installed in the earbuds

Features & Advantages:

1. Current wireless 5.2 technology offers reliable transmission and continuous communication throughout the process.

2. You’ll get the Pure, balanced audio and clarity that are produced by this 8mm Neodymium magnet for all musical genres.

3. Adjustable and fit to wear 

4. When you are using the gym and outdoors safely requires the IPX8 water-resistant and sweatproof quality.

5. Batteries can last up to 38 hours longer with a charging case.

6. Easily control playlists and answer calls with a capacitive touch control

Customer Reviews Kurdene S8 Bluetooth Earbud:

These earbuds deliver clear, reliable sound with a strong bass, a crisp middle, a balanced midrange frequency, and great quality for all musical genres. You can easily listen for a full 6 hours on a single charge, and the charging case boosts that up to 38 hours. Without skipping a beat, you can enjoy your earbuds all day.

When you click on the link for multiple uses, the Kurdene S8 can significantly lessen the strain on your ears. Without fussing in your pocket. you may manage your playlist: By simply tapping your earbuds, you may skip tracks, start the music, and take calls while remaining present.

     Kurdene wireless earbuds manual:

     Pairing Manual: how to pair kurdene wireless earbuds:

  • Carefully remove the insulating layer from the two earphones and unplug them from the charging case.
  • The earphones are in a charging state; place them in the charging case to charge.
  • Remove the two earphones, and they will automatically switch on, link, and be ready to pair with the smartphone (the indicator will turn to Red and blue alternately).
  • When a pair is established, the main earbud's indicator will turn on and the left earbud's indicators will alternately turn red and blue.
  • Your phone should now have Bluetooth enabled. Search for ISBI and connect.
  • The lights will change color to blue once every six seconds once the earphones have been correctly linked.


  • Placing both earphones in the charging case will start the charging process then the indicator will turn red.
  • The Red signal light will change while charging.
  • When the earphones are fully charged, the red indicator light will turn off.

Operating Instructions:

Mute or stream music: Press the multifunctional touch button once.

Increase the volume: On the right earphone, you have to press and hold the multifunction control button for 2 sec.

Reduce the volume: And on left earphone, you have to press and hold the multifunctional touch button for 2 sec.

Start to play the next track: On the right earpiece, press the multifunctional touch button twice.

Start to play the next previous track: On the left earpiece, press the multifunctional touch button twice.

To answer a ringing phone: Any of the headphones' multifunctional touch buttons should be pressed once.

Put an end to the current call: Any of the earphones' multifunctional touch buttons should be pressed and held.

Refuse a ringing call: Any of the earphones' multifunctional touch button should be pressed and held.

To turn on voice assistant: Any of the headphones' multifunctional touch buttons should be pressed three times.

The water resistance of the Kurdene buds is rated at IPX8. This unique certification is superior to the traditional IPX7 gold standard. The Kurdene wireless earbuds successfully completed the 30-minute tests at a depth of 5 ft. They are therefore an excellent choice for exercising and other activity like surfing.

The Kurdene headphones provide some of the greatest sounds at this price point. However, you’re getting a great deal. There is no annoying buzzing or overheating and the highs are incredibly clear with lots of sparkle. Also distinct are the Mids. Vocals won't sound hollow or flat, so just don't worry about it. Lastly, the bass is excellent. The thunderous performance that larger drivers provide won't be experienced by you. However, the Horn loudspeakers still pack a powerful punch considering their small. Additionally, you get a large soundstage, which allows for plenty of instrument separation.


1. Can I use my Kurdene earbuds with my iPhone?

Answer: Kurdene Bluetooth Wireless Headphones have great Collaborate with Android and iPhone.

2. How many pairs of earplugs are there in the package of Kurdene earbuds?

Answer: Six pairs of ear cover in various shapes and sizes S, M, and L are included in the box.

3. How can I activate or deactivate the true wireless earbuds?

Answer: When the charging case is opened, the earphones turn on automatically, and when it is closed, they turn off.

4. Do they regularly maintain a Bluetooth connection once they are established? How far is the 20-foot range?

Answer: They do, indeed. They've traveled up to 30 feet. They offer excellent value for the $ money.

5. Is there a microphone on the Kurdene S8 Pro?

Answer: The Kurdene S8 Pro does indeed come with built-in microphones..