Anker 727 Review (GaNPrime 100W) | Best Charging Station For iPhone , Samsung And MacBook Pro

The Anker 727 review is one of your best and most unique multiple-charging options. Anker 727 Charging Station is a different kind of expert than a power-bank. It is a power strip and a charging station. Although it has four ports for charging gadgets and two electrical outlets, it doesn't store energy. You can charge many kinds of gadgets with it including USB-C, USB-A, and full-sized power outlets. This is the size of an iPhone 14 Pro and contains every feature you could want in a charger. Due to its small size, it easily fits into anyone's backpack.

Anker 727 Review (GaNPrime 100W) | Best Charging Station For iPhone And Samsung Devices


Power:100W Max
The total amount of Outputs: 6
Measurements:- 6.3 × 3.11 × 0.7 in / 162 × 79 × 18 mm
Weight: 15.8 oz / 448 g

Details: The Anker 727 is capable of producing up to 100W of power. if you want to connect all the gadgets around you, you can be confident that they will all be protected from overheating because of Anker's Active Shield TM 2.0 service, which keeps an eye on the output and modifies it to defend your gadgets.

Actually, Anker is a Chinese gadget company. its headquarters is located in Changsha, Hunan, China. Anker Technologies runs six brands: Anker, Nebula, Sound-core, Anker Work, eufy, and Anker-Make. It used The GaNPrime technology in Anker's Series 7 products, which offer quicker charging speeds in smaller form factors. The GaNPrime charge controller is also the smartest, most effective, and most environmentally friendly one ever made. Anker increases the total efficiency of AC to DC power by 2%. Additionally, GaNPrime devices can reduce carbon emissions by up to 30% by switching to the newest GaN semiconductors from older silicon-based ones. The Anker 727 review can produce a maximum of 100W power and observe its heat closely. In order to prevent overheating, Active Shield 2.0 technology takes 3,000,000 temperature readings of the device each day.

The power box contains six USB ports, (1) two USB-A ports for charging devices, (2) two USB-C ports, and (3) two AC ports. It has a maximum power output of 65W and was created exclusively to power Apple and Samsung devices.  Four devices can be charged simultaneously over four USB ports and the remaining two ports are used to plug in devices, such as monitors, lamps, or adapters. 

A USB-C port provides quick charging with 100W. Additionally, the number of devices hooked into the charger will undoubtedly affect the charger's 100W total output. If your wall outlets are full and you're not sure of where to plug in the devices, it's helpful to see both an AC connection and a USB port in one gadget. When the output power is above or below 90W, an integrated LED indicator lets you know. GaN chargers are making it increasingly usual to have 100W and more these days by packing more power into smaller chargers. Buy Now

A MacBook Pro 16-inch can be fully charged in 101 minutes after a 100W USB-C charging session, or it may be charged to 50% of its capacity in 43 minutes. The USB-C is limited to 45W and 30W, while the USB-A outputs share 15W and the USB-A has a maximum power output of 12W. 

A strong 5-foot main power line is included for the main connector. The ability to separate the cord from the power strip and store it separately is so helpful. The main power port of the device is linked to the three-pin cord. On the other side of the primary power port are the USB output ports. The USB power cables are used to charge other devices like smartphones.

The Anker 727 review Charging Station has an extraordinarily small and fashionable appearance. It resembles a phone in terms of size. Take a look at the image above. Because of its small size, it can fit practically anywhere. While traveling, you could use it anywhere to charge your devices. In order to compare, you can check out that it is slightly bigger and thicker than iPhone 13 Pro. It might be somewhat thicker than the iPhone 13 Max but closer in size. 


1: Why isn't the blue LED indication shown on my device when I charge it up to 100W?

Answer: Voltage and current supply fluctuate and adapt continuously. The blue light won't turn on if it doesn't reach 90 to 100W. Please make use of a 100-watt cable for seeing LED indication.

2: Does this power strip Anker 727 reviews got a warranty card?

Answer: Yes, Anker confirms this product with an 18-month warranty.

3: The two AC outlets are included on the 100W Anker 727?

Answer: The device's 1250W rating includes the AC outlets. When charging USB devices at 100W, keep AC devices under 1150W.

4: Does the Anker 727 heat badly when in use and can it be used constantly?

Answer: The Anker 727 can be used continuously and barely warms up.

5: Can the Anker 727 run a fan?

Answer: It is not a power supply pack. It won't provide any electricity if it's not plugged in. Buy Now The Best Charging Station