Bt21 Wireless Charger Review

 Bt21 Wireless Charger

BT21 wireless charger (High-speed car charger)

This most amazing baby wireless charger is regarded as a game-changer nowadays. High-speed car chargers provide a lot of relief to people who love traveling or spend the majority of their time away from home or for individuals who hate being restricted by cables, bt21 charger is the most convenient, portable and Suitable.

You have the option of using either an air vent holder or a dash board holder, and it works beautifully for both. There is a release button on the side to unclamp the phone from the charger, and it holds the phone firmly. You can choose between AC and stand. Pedestal adjustment function for greater phone security.

Parts of the official baby bt21 wireless charger: 

  • charging station
  • Holder panel
  • LED display
  • A button to open or close
  • Sensor IR
  • Mount

Bt21 Charger Components:

Package Dimensions: Maximum 58x99x117(mm) 


                                   7.56 x 7.28 x 3.03 inches

Material: Aluminum body with an acrylic face plate.

Item Weight: 12 ounces


                     145 grams

Working range: 0.5-6.0mm

Compatible with: Mobile phone, Galaxy and iPhone

Charging port Type: USB C

Cable Length: 100cm

Age of Use:14 years of age or older

Country of origin: China

Rating: 4.6 out of 5 stars from customers

Specialization of BT21 wireless charger:

1. A 15W automatic wireless charger: The 15W output is very much compatible with quick wireless charging. Both the power adapter and the mobile device must enable fast charging. If not, it will be standard 5W charging. Utilizing a C-type USB charger, connect the power adapter and wireless charger together.

2. Activate FOD function: FOD foreign body detection stops the devices from being overcharged. Only mobile phones are recognized by the FOD sensor. Before charging, please remember to take out any metal or magnetic objects, credit cards, or pop holders. 

3. IR sensor: By using an IR sensor the gadget can be opened and closed automatically. The IR motion sensor activates and levels up the charging system when you place your smartphone on the charging pad.  open the lever when removing your phone and press the button on the right side of the charger.

4. Two in one device: The b21 Fast Wireless Car Charger combines a car phone mount and a wireless phone charger. Without the clutter and hassle of connections, it provides quick charging for your phone. Additionally, this charger has a 360-degree rotating joint that lets you to watch without putting undue pressure on your neck or eyes while charging your phone. You only need to clip it into your air vent to be ready to go.

5. When the power is on, the BT21 wireless charger displays LED appearance. 
⃝  If your phone has a blue LED light on it means it is charging. After the complete charge the LED light will go out. 

⃝  The red LED light indicates that it is ready and on standby. A red LED blinks indicate there’s a mistake of some kind. You have to check to see if there are any foreign objects in the space between the phone and the charging pad.

6. The Fast Wireless Car Charger ensures protection from high temperature, overcurrent, overcharge, and overvoltage safety.This is a multipurpose stand charger you must have on your desk.  Discover our 10W customized wireless phone charger, which works with all the most recent iPhone and Android models that support wireless charging, to perform all that touch-free magic. 

Wherever you go, the BT21 charger will restore your energy and disposition. The charger operates flawlessly. it opens to encircle your phone and properly locks into place while it charges. You can use it while driving or studying at work because it serves as a phone station and a charger.  The holder can accommodate a range of sizes; all you have to do is move the base up or down.