Let It Ride Tech Wireless Charging Pad : Let It Ride Tech Charger Review

The unique let it ride tech wireless charging pad allows you to charge your phone wirelessly simply by putting it on top of the pad. These wireless power pads are designed to be left out on your desk, on the bedside, or on any other surface. If the phone needs a plug-in charger, anyone can simply come over and begin charging it.

Let it ride tech wireless charging pad

These fascinating charging pads gracefully unite wireless technology with the unadulterated beauty of leather. Any wirelessly connected gadget can be charged by placing it on the pad's charging area whenever you need to. These pads are incredibly flexible, allowing you to set them up however you think is ideal at the time. You may use them as is or fold them into a stylish phone stand that can securely charge your phone. It is simple to pack up and travel with these little, light pads.

Even when not in use, it adds a lovely addition to your desk, counter, or nightstand, turning them into stylish pieces of furniture.

Specifications and features:

  • All of your on-the-go charging requirements will be satisfied by these leather wireless let it ride tech wireless charging pads. Putting your phone on top and pressing the power button will allow it to be charged wirelessly.
  • Given that they are versatile and compatible with all wireless devices, these are the ideal presents to offer someone.
  • Charges through most standard cases. it works with every phone; you don't have to worry about compatibility. It is able to cope with the latest Samsung, Apple, and other mobile phone and tablet models (iPhone 8 or later).
  • This would be the only item you need either traveling or at home, so forget about bringing along all of your various cords and adaptors.
  • With its 5,000 mAh battery, you can enjoy up to 2.5 times more battery life from 0% to 100%. Wireless Output works at Up to 10W of fast charging (5W, 7.5W, and 10W)
  • There are 2 more USB ports included in the package, allowing you to charge 3 devices at once.
  • Still capable of wireless charging through any common phone case. It is also practical to use let it ride tech wireless charging pad as a stationary wireless charging pad that you can place anywhere, such as on your nightstand, kitchen counter, work desk, or any other flat surface.
  • Led display light for battery life indication
  • Press the power button-twice to turn it off.

This wireless charging power bank with leather patterns will satisfy your charging needs. To wirelessly charge your phone, place it rightly. It contains 2 more USB connections that let you recharge 3 devices at once without connecting anything.

These pads are incredibly flexible, allowing you to set them up however you think is ideal at the time. You may use them as is or fold them into a stylish phone stand that can instantly charge your phone. Due to their small size and lightweight, these pads are simple to fold and transport.

These charger mats are designed to be left out anywhere, including your bedside, countertop, desk at work, and other surfaces. No matter what, plug-in charger a person needs, they may just go over and begin charging their phone.

Getting rid of the clumsy eye sores and the tangled mess of wires utilized for various devices. When not in use, these wireless charging mats may be used as stylish home decor thanks to their innovative design.


1. Are all phones compatible with wireless charging pads?

Answer: You can choose any wireless charger with your smartphone as long as they support the same wireless charging standard (like Qi). It's not necessary for them to be produced by the same company; an iPhone can utilize a Samsung wireless charger.

2. Does using charging pads shorten battery life?

Answer: Simply put, wireless charging won't drain the battery in your phone. According to the let it ride tech charger reviews Just be careful not to constantly go around putting your smartphone down on the charging pad every time the energy level dips a few percentage points this will harm the battery in your smartphone.

3. Are cheaper wireless chargers safe and protected?

Answer: Your mobile phone won't suffer any harm as long as you use an approved premium-quality wireless charger like the Prelude. With cheap and fraudulent wireless chargers, however, you run a significant risk. Best Wireless Apple watch and Phone Charger Pad Buy Now.

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