Core Audio Wireless Earbuds For Music And Calls(CESW-1080, Black, purple, Blue)

 Core audio wireless earbuds

Core Audio Wireless Earbuds

Let the music brighten up your mood anytime and anywhere with the Core audio wireless fast Charging Bluetooth Headset. If you want to feel your music sensation heartfully all you need is a nice set of earphones. Core audio wireless earbuds help to create a peaceful musical environment around you. Nowadays many of us choose to buy wireless earphones than wired ones. The main cause is that you get bored of having tangled earphone wires issues.

Here we will present you with the best earphones with their services, reviews etc.

About This Item:

  1. Brand Name: Core Audio
  2. Color code: Purple
  3. Model No.r: CESW-1080
  4. Compatible with: All
  5. Listening hour: 3 x 3 hour
  6. Earbud charging time: 1 hour
  7. Case charging time: 2h
  8. Microphone present: Yes
  9. Response Frequency: 20Hz–20kHz
  10. Sensitivity: 105±3dB
  11. Bluetooth connection: v5.0 / 10m range

Core audio wireless earbuds come with some unique features along with a great appearance. Earbud controls for playback music, answering calls, volume adjustment. active noise cancellation, dual connectivity, touch controls, equalization adjustment, and other features. 

These earbuds will deliver you the best quality voice calls with the finest quality sound and base. Virtual assistants and all Bluetooth devices can connect through the Bluetooth 5.0 services. 4 LED light shows up to indicate available to low charge.  

The plastic case for Audio wireless earphones with a copper lid feels amazing and has lovely, eye-catching graphics on the cover. 
The design is well twisted to fit appropriately around your neck. The ear tips sit flawlessly in the ear at a 60-degree angle. There are several vibrant colors available, black, purple, and blue are the most popular. So, You should replace your current earphones and check this beautiful earbud. You will love it.  Buy On Amazon




     Excellent bass

     sharp and clear sound

     Good battery life with rapid charging


     Warranty of 18 months



     There is no auto on/off for battery preservation on low charge
     Mic could be improved.



FAQ About core's True Wireless Earbuds:

How can I connect my wireless core audio earbuds?

You should see carefully at the device's bottom part. You can connect right away by tapping the name in the list. Tap pair once the pop-up window has appeared.

Are these Core wireless earbuds enough worthy?

Answer: Although these earbuds provide incomparable mobility and a very pleasurable listening experience, still there are many problems with this new technology including expensive prices and short battery life.

Which Wireless Earbuds Are the Best?

It's wise to be aware of your actual needs before selecting because they come in a variety of styles with various characteristics. If you prefer listening to music constantly Prioritize the comfort and sound quality of the earbuds. Choose waterproof earbuds if you work out frequently to prevent harm from perspiration. Active noise cancellation is essential to reduce ambient noise if you commute frequently.

How to Pick the Best core True Wireless Earbuds?

Answer: To satisfy clients with various needs, the Core provides a large selection of wireless earbuds. There are top-rated high-end models with excellent sound quality and incredible functionality   Visit the official core website to find out more about their selection 

Do iPhone and Android phones work with core earbuds?

Answer:Soundcore earbuds are compatible with the majority of contemporary smartphones, tablets, PCs, and smart TVs. Our wireless earbuds can connect quickly and reliably to both iPhone and Android devices using the most recent Bluetooth technology, providing you with an uninterrupted music listening experience and making calls with ease.

The core is a successful multinational consumer electronics brand that produces world-class Bluetooth audio products. So buy core audio wireless earbuds today and enjoy.