Hot Cheetos Airpod Case - WowChic Case Compatible Airpods



We engage ourselves in such daily activities as playing games, talking to Siri, watching TV, making phone calls, and listening to music. If we can use wireless AirPods instead of wired headphones, we assume that will ease our daily life because at least you won't have to worry about the cables tangling issues anymore. Ultimately, this is a matter of personal preference but these advanced, durable, and fashionable new wireless Hot Cheetos AirPods are very easy and comfortable to use.

Hot Cheetos AirPods cases are made of solid impact-resistant silicone rubber to protect your AirPods from knocks, drops, and shock. They are adorable and not too flimsy. Easy access to the charging port makes charging your AirPods straightforward without having to remove the case. the pieces stay in place.

Best features of Hot Cheetos Airpod Case:

    Shell Type: Soft and shiny Airpod Case

     Case Material: Form Factor( high-grade, durable Silicone or Soft Silicone)

    Function: Shockproof, Waterproof, anti-fall

    Brand Name: The WowChic

    Color and design: Cheetos Chips packet

    Color: Orange and Red

    Total Weight: 30-70g

    Both tear-resistant and washable

    No need to remove the lid in order to access the charge port

    Compatible wireless Qi charging (for AirPods Gen 2 & Pro)

    shields the AirPods case from scrapes, chips, dust, and dirt

    Protection from drops and shocks

    Hot Cheetos AirPods cases are simple to put on and remove


Some Specifications of Hot Cheetos AirPods Case: 

1. ALTERNATIVES AND COMPATIBILITY - The newly made AirPods protective case is distinctive from previous AirPods and comes with a detachable carabiner so you can take it with you everywhere you go and listen to your music whenever you want to enjoy it.

2. UPDATED AND CREATIVE DESIGN - Super cute and stylish 3D design was used to decorate your Airpods, The pattern and the mixture add a nice, comforting touch that is highly durable, and difficult to remove. It also makes your Airpods seem exciting and unique, which makes living more enjoyable.

3. OVERALL GREAT PROTECTION - Its strong defense, flexibility, and indestructibility are very at the top with its attractive appearance. Your hot Cheetos Airpod case is protected in all directions by an anti-impact and scratch-resistant case.

4. PORTABLE AND LIGHTWEIGHT - You will have less work with the practically weightless ultra-thin protective case. The charging port is accessible from the bottom hole, it is close to the Airpods, and charging is highly practical.

Our Cheetos AirPod cases are fashionable, useful, and practical. This AirPods case will preserve your AirPods and show your distinctive individuality and sense of style. Normally It is featured by a 1-year warranty with replacements. They are made for everyone, especially a teenager.  you must try it once, we think you will love it.


1. How do these Hot Cheetos Airpod  Cases operate?

Answer:  Hot Cheetos Cases are constructed of premium silicone. Since Apple was the only company that creates and sells charging cases, but now this case can be used as a substitute airport. The body and top of the case are separate parts. The body fits easily over the charging case's bottom half. The charging cord has a cutout in the bottom of the case as well. 

2. Can the AirPod case be damaged by heat?

Answer: When you return the gadget to a warmer environment, the battery life will return to normal. When using AirPods in extreme heat, the battery life may be permanently shortened. Keep your AirPods somewhere that is between -10° and 45° C (14° and 113° F) in temperature.

3. Is it smooth or does it stick to the inside of pockets?

Answer: Since it is silicone, there is some grip on it. But putting it in and taking it out of your pocket is quite simple. 

4. Is it worth getting a Hot Cheetos AirPods case?

Answer: You might require a case for your AirPods depending on how active you are and how careful you are with your possessions. It's generally a smart idea to spend money on a case to help protect your AirPods if you're always on the road and have a tendency to treat your possessions nearly. And overall these cases are one of the best products in the market.  You should try them once.