Pokemon Airpod Case Review with Affordable, Water Resistant

 Pokemon Airpod Case

(Poke Ball, Charmander, Squirtle, Togepi, Eevee, Bulbasaur)


Your AirPods will be more attractive and unique with these 3D pokemon Airpod cases. The case's materials are great, and it works well with AirPods. A keychain clip is included with this case so you can comfortably carry your device. Furthermore, the bottom of the case has a hole so you can still charge it while using it around your primary AirPods case. We promise to provide our clients with the highest quality AirPods cases.

Packaging Details:

1 x AirPods Case
1 carabiner, which is a simple loop latch attachment for a keyring, belt, or article of clothing (Note: Pikachu case comes with a Silicone Ring Loop instead)
The Pokemon AirPods Case is compatible with: Apple AirPods Generation 1, 2, 3, and Pro (select your model above)

Features of the pokemon Airpod case:

1. Accessible charge port (no need to remove the lid)

2. Compatible wireless Qi charging (for AirPods Gen 2, 3 & Pro)

3. Fully accessible Lightning port system

4. LED indication is covered in this case.

5. Absolutely brand new design and of very high quality

6. The case is portable and simple to carry due to the removable carabiner.

7. Prevent scratches, bumps, falls and bumps.

8. Your Apple AirPods will work perfectly with the Pokemon Airpod Case

9. Lightweight and suitable to carry; even fits in your pocket!

10. Designed to prevent fingerprints.

11. Without affecting any function keys, it fits well.

List of unique designs and shapes of Pokemon cartoons Airpod case: 

Poke Ball
Bulbasaur and other recent Compatibility

Product  Detail information:

You can keep your AirPods safe and clean with the help of the Pokemon Airpod Case.Simple setup, an ideal fit for your AirPods, and minimal weight Flexible and pleasant with a smooth touch because of its sturdy impact-resistant silicone rubber construction. The lightning port is easily accessible with to the bottom groove design, so you can charge without removing the case. In addition to beautifying your backpack, a metal carabiner makes your AirPods case accessible and secure against theft and loss.

1. HIGH-QUALITY SILICONE MATERIAL: The PokemonAirpods case, which is made of food-grade silicone material, continues to be pleasant and reliable to use even after extended use without experiencing any deterioration issues like shivering or scratching.

2. 360° COMPLETE PROTECTION: The case is completely shock-, slip-, dust-, and fingerprint-proof thanks to micro-matte technology on the surface. The surface of the casing may be simply wiped and scrubbed of dirt. It does not let to stay dust or fingerprints on the Pokemon Airpods Case

3. MADE EXACTLY FOR YOUR AIRPODS: As a result of the one-piece molding process and enhanced fitting technology, there will be no gaps between the case and your Airpods.

4. A GOOD VALUE PACKAGE: You will receive a Carabiner keychain with your pokemon Airpods case. A wonderful case that makes your Airpods portable and holds them securely on your pants and luggage. convenient to utilize while traveling or participating in sports.


1. How do you secure your priceless AirPods against scratches, stains, dirt, and particles? 

Ans: Obviously with a Pokemon AirPods case cover. The AirPods case will safeguard your AirPods and serve as a representation of your distinct personality and sense of style as a Pokemon master. These cases are fashionable, useful, and practical. It is made of sturdy silicone material and comes with a one-year replacement warranty.

2. Are pokemon AirPods cases water-resistant?

Ans: Even if pokemon Airpod is the third-generation AirPods that are IPX4 water-resistant and have a MagSafe case and the additional protection can shield your gadget from the elements or an unintentional puddle drop. But it’s not possible to make any gadget100% waterproof.

3. Do this silicone AirPod covers work well?

Ans: The case is comprised of tough silicone materials to fully protect the charging case for first- and second-generation AirPods from drops, scratches, and bumps, 

4. Which AirPods are more stable in your ears?

Ans: Some people have a little issue running while wearing the normal AirPods, but many others have trouble getting a good fit. If you belong to the second category, I urge you to invest more money in the AirPods Pro. Simply put, the AirPods Pro design fits more ears than the AirPods.