Bt21 Wireless Car Charger (Faster Car charger)


Use the Bt21 wireless car charger to charge your phone while driving the car. Bt21 car charger is a fantastic purchase considering both usability and appearance. Many people find it attractive because of the lovely design and adorable little characters from the Brown/ Yellow line on the two sides.

An attachable anti-slip rubber pad and an LED light indicator on your wireless bts car charger let know when the device is powered on and prepared for usage. When the LED light turns on you can easily tell that your phone is charging. you can even charge two devices simultaneously. The gadget has been put into fast-charging mode if the LED light is blue.

The Features of bt21 car mount charger:

Size: approximately 99 x 58 x 117mm.

Input Power: (5.3V/2A, 9V/2A) 

Output Power: (5V/1A, 9V/1.67A)

Item Weight: approximately 12 ounces

ASIN Num: B091MC6KR9

Item Model Number: 8809759890588

Other Additional Features: Automatic Operation, 15W Faster Charging, included IR Sensor. Buy on amazon

 Product Description of bt21 portable charger:

offers two services at once- A charger and a phone holder are both functions of the wireless BT21 phone charger. The 360° rotating joint ball maintains the ideal angle for using your phone while driving. You can avoid touching any kind of wires or other alignment lines those get entangled often.

increased wireless charging speed-   While in regular charging mode, the BT21 charger charges approximately 1.5 times as quickly as other traditional wireless chargers. It is equipped with the most recent And updated 3.0 Quick Charge charging adapter. So now you may have guessed the charging speed of the b21 car charger.

• Unlimited Compatibility - Fast Wireless Charging is accessible for Samsung Galaxy 9, 8, Galaxy S7, S7 Edge, S8, S8 Plus, S9, S9 Plus, S10, S10 +, and any QI-enabled device. Other smartphones/iPhones include the iPhone XS,  XS MAX, XR, X, and 8. 

• Auto-grip for phones- The phone will automatically be held on the left and right sides when you insert your phone into bt21 car charger.  for this One-handed use of your phone is simple to use.. This is so simple and practical. Additionally, it has automated opening and clamping operations that can also be used. 

• PRETTY DECOR- Whether you are driving or studying at your workplace, it serves both as a phone cradle & charger. In short, we can say, the BT21 portable wireless car charger will handle your phone battery and mental energy completely wherever you go.

• Brilliant LED lighting: The LED light on the front character section turns on as soon as the power is connected.

• More solid and strong charger Stand: Using the wireless desk charger point , You'll be able to complete daily tasks with little stress, such as having protracted conference calls or enjoying leisurely phone movie watching.

Advantages of The BT21 car charger

1. Anyone can set the adapter quickly. The cord can therefore be connected via the adapter.bt21 wireless car charger is an important and user-friendly device for your everyday routines. 

The charger is offered by the firm with the choice of using it in either an air vent holder or a dashboard holder, and it functions perfectly in both! The charger is offered by the firm with the choice of using it in either an air vent holder or a dashboard holder, and it functions perfectly in both! The charger is offered by the firm with the choice of using it in either an air vent holder or a dashboard holder, and it functions perfectly in both! To hold the phone firmly, a release pin button is located on the side.

2. With this product, you won't have to deal with cables cluttering up your dashboard or cupholder area to stay charged. The 120mAh high-capacity battery pack in the wireless car charger. This guarantees that the gadget is constantly charged and ready to use. It has an outstanding fast charging facility. It can charge your phone to 50% in just 30 minutes. If you need a fully charged phone or a cradled air bag, the BT21 wireless charger is a fantastic solution for this.

3. When the phone is placed on top of the wireless charger, which has an integrated coil, it may be charged wirelessly using induction technology. This is especially useful for iPhones where you can’t plug in cables directly because there are no ports available.

4. It has a built-in USB port that allows you to charge other devices like power banks and speakers too. Depending on the model of the phone, a smart sensor allows it to switch between rapid charging and conventional charging. For all phones, this guarantees compatibility and a quicker charging rate.

Disadvantages of The BT21 car charger

1. It sometimes fails to perform as promised.

2. You must connect the USB cord to your smartphone and set your phone on top of the charger because it does not support wireless charging. That can occasionally be a little inconvenient, especially if there isn't a socket nearby where you're seated.

3. When utilizing the BT21 car charger, your phone's battery life always deteriorates more quickly that's the most irritating problem for any user.

4. There is no AC outlet in b21 phone charger. As a result, you cannot use this as a power bank to charge your phone. 

5. This product lacks a Bluetooth connection; thus, it cannot be linked with other speakers or headphones to play music.

6. Wireless charging is slower, and a full charge of your phone takes a long time. However, the BTS car charger offers good support for light-speed charging.


How should I operate the wireless BT21 car charger?

Utilizing the BT21 charger is simple. You can simply put your phone on top, plug it into the cigarette lighter outlet, and drive away! Simply attach the cord between the two holders of the device, and you're ready to go without the use of any tools or laborious installation procedures. Your needs will be met by its secure and user-friendly construction.

How do wireless chargers work efficiently?

A wireless charger is a gadget that delivers power wirelessly so that gadgets like smartphones, tablets, and more can be charged. The transmitter pad and receiver coil on your phone or other compatible devices use induction coils to transform the electric current into electromagnetic waves. It's quite easy to utilize wireless chargers.

Is a USB wire included with the BT21 charger?

Yes, a USB cord may be used to charge it. So, wherever you are, you can always use a USB cord to charge your devices. You can use a type-C or lightning cable as a USB cord to charge your phone if you only have one of those.

Which phones may use the BT21 car charger?

This charger is made to work with smartphones with Qi compatibility and other electronic devices that can use this kind of technology! But it's not very effective.

What advantages does using this bt21 phone charger wireless charger offer?

Utilizing a specific wireless charger has the advantage of being simple to use and requiring no installation at all! It works with a variety of gadgets, including tablets and smartphones. And this product's best feature is that it offers light-fast charging with zero fuss or inconvenience!