Fortnite Airpod Case Review


Fortnite Airpod case|| Best service at a low price in 2022

As we know, Fortnite Airpod Case comes with White Airpods or alternatively with TWS Wireless Earbuds. This amazing Airpod case allows you to carry your AirPods wherever you go while providing total protection and security. They are Stylish, water-resistant, and shock-proof. Earbuds cases are constructed from unique soft-touch silicone materials makes the Airpod durable and long-lasting.

These Fornite Airpodit audio pods cases are highly attractive when attached to your AirPods because of their high-quality, colorful design and the coloring effects are bright and also durable which helps in making them ideal for use in the collection case for headphones. More info

Alternative White Airpods Pro With Fortnite Airpods Case (Pro Case Cover) Important Features:

Engineers make sure the case protects against drops and shocks while keeping out dust and water. To access the charging connector or to conveniently access your AirPods, simply snap back the case's top or open the socket on the bottom.

     Widely available Type:

  •      To be used with Airpods Gen 1, Gen 2, or Pro 
  •      Case Format: Slip Case 
  •      Size measurement: 2.36 inches/6.5 cm 
  •      Width measurement:: 1.92 inches./4.9 cm 

  •      Depth measurement: 1.02 in./2.6 cm 

  •      Average Weight: 27 g/0.95 oz 

  •      Materials: Eco-friendly inks and plastic

  • IP67 waterproof to 3.3 feet (1 meter) 
  • For drops and shocks protection, the design must meet or exceed military specification 810G.
  • keeps away dust, dirt and water
  • Premium silicone with a pleasant touch and a gripping surface 
  • specially made to fit the Apple AirPods
  • Design for Resilient Shock Absorption
  • made of flexible silicone for daily use
  • Designed to allow the case to rest flat against objects
  • Your beloved AirPods can be well protected with our silicone-based Fornite Airpod case:
  • The case is composed of premium clear durable finest quality plastic.
  • The Fortnite Airpod case offers excellent resistance against bumps and scrapes.
  • solely uses non-toxic, non-toxic inks. Nothing is hazardous to our ecosystem.
  • You can order any customized item.
  • Easy and simple installation 

This is a brand-new set of Airpods with a uniquely designed case. The company offers two different cases for two AirPods models that are completely compatible with your Bluetooth wireless headphones: AirPods Gen 1/2 and AirPods Pro. Its precise molding may cover your headphones from bumps, drops, and scratches. You can power on and charge your Airpod case without taking it off the power button by putting them in a precise charging hole. High-quality, soft silicone was used to make this case so that it could offer the best possible protection.

If your AirPods case becomes damaged in any way,  please send them back with the remaining portion of your case. The manufacturer will replace your AirPods case. These stories are typically rather funny please do share with us. This Fortnite Aorpod case is the highest-quality item available at the least price.


1. Can I use AirPods with Fortnite?

Answer: Yes, It is convenient to link Apple AirPods to a PS4 system. airpodit audio pods are one of the safe and high-tech cover cases. 

2. In Fortnite Airpod Case, Is it compatible to make voice chat?

Answer: An extra cable might be useful if you have an Apple EarPods and want to use Voice Chat in Fortnite without having to buy an expensive gaming headset.

3. What is the best way to link my AirPods to my Fortnite Switch?

Answer: They can be connected as follows: Start pairing with your AirPods. Go to System Settings > Bluetooth Audio > Pair Device after turning on your Switch. To link your AirPods with the case, locate them on the list of compatible devices and choose them.

4. Can you buy an AirPods case only?

Answer: Yes. You can buy an additional left or right AirPod as well as the Charging Case.

With Fortnite AirPods cases, stay elegant, fashionable, and protected. No more boring AirPods cases, and no more broken AirPods.