Veatool Wireless Earbuds : MD012, Best Services Game Mode And Music Mode

Todays’s Young folks and tech enthusiasts choose to use wireless earbuds over long cable earphones. Because cable earphones are much more problematic and messy to use. You can try these wireless earbuds out, these are easier with modern tech installations. Hope you will just love them.

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Veatool wireless earbuds type: 

1. Gaming or music earbuds

2. Item dimensions: 4.3 x 3.9 x 1.8 inches

3. Body Weight:2.4 ounces( ASINB08X449224)

4. Product model number: MD012

Why should you pick up wireless earbuds?

  • Charging Wirelessly: If a data cable is not required every time you connect  with your earbuds your life will be easier.
  • Strong Alignment: All mobile devices and personal computers that enable bluetooth can use it.
  • Greater speed and stability: When you take the headphones out of the charging case, these wireless headphones will instantly pair up the connection.
  • Simple to Use: Smart touch controls(STC) will automatically allow for music or phone switching.
  • Good Design and comfortable to use: The modern and easy-to-use design allows you to stay in your ears comfortably while walking, running or doing exercises.

Best reviewed features about veatool wireless earbuds: 

1. Smart Touch Control: All operations can be done with the digital smart touch control tech.

2. It has the Best Charging case ever: IPX5 Waterproof charging case prevents from ruining the charger.

3. Hi-Fi Quality Sound and LED display: This earbud can capture every detail of the sound with its HIFI-level with three-band perfect balanced sound effects and also helps to lessen the external noise that disturbs hearing.        

4. It owns the modern Built-in Mic with Premium Audio Quality.

5. This wireless earbud has 4 stages LED Indicator 0 – 25% – 50% – 75% – 100% within it. 

In Music Mode: HD Audio Quality Bluetooth 5 Crystal Clear Sound

Whenever you need to connect to your veatool earbuds, just simply leave the music mode on. These earbuds connect automatically with the device and deliver high-quality sound with a perfect base. Clear sound is delivered by earbud speakers, which can also be protected from background noise.

In-Gaming Mode: low latency (65ms) Best services No Lag or Disconnection

To enter game mode and turn on the LED lights on the earbuds, simply long-tap the right earbud for two seconds. Low latency earphones are best for gaming since the audio response and the device are nearly synchronized. These gaming headphones deliver stereo sound so that you can hear where other players are as you play the game.

The MD012 wireless earbuds are initially activated by the Bluetooth chip and used together with the CVC noise-canceling microphone, each headset can collect every detail of your sound while filtering out background noise and transmitting sound to your friends simultaneously. Each earbud has three holes for the microphone, which can collect clear and loud sound for the microphone. 

Both earbuds can be charged five times using the 500mAh charging case, and after five complete charges, each earbud may be used for five hours. In other words, if two wireless earbuds are worn alternately, they can be utilized for a total of 50 hours. If you use two headphones simultaneously, they can last for 25 hours.

Sweatproof IPX5 The gaming headsets' prevents the earbud's sweat from leaking into the electronic parts of the headphones, extending their lifespan




    Equipped with a straight one-button interface that makes operating simple.

     Uses Bluetooth technology, which provides a transparent and smooth connection.

     Features a dual LED display that plainly displays the casing and earbuds' battery life.



     Some costumes say that the sound quality may not be loud enough.

     Despite all high-tech technology the charging case may also face issues sometimes

    Users May have faced connectivity issues



Q: How long can you play the game with these gaming earbuds?

A: You can play the game for nonstop 5 hours without using these earbuds.

Q: is it only for phone calls? or Is the microphone of these earbuds can be used for playing games?

A: The mic can also be used for playing online games, it has an inbuilt CVC noise canceling function that captures your clearest voice and transfers it to your team member while playing games so they can hear what you are saying. The same function also applies to phone calls and music.