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Anker Charger Review helps you to find the best option for fast charging any phone. It's tiny and also cheap, and it can get a fully drained phone battery to more than 50% in half an hour. Which has the same specifications as Apple's standard 5-watt charger.

Anker charger review

The Anker charger has a 20-watt USB-C power output capacity which is surprisingly small, at 1.75 inches in length, along with the non-folding wires, and just over an inch wide and tall. Its specifications are quite similar to the 5 W charger that Apple has included with the majority of iPhones for the past ten years. It is considerably smaller than Apple's equivalent 20 W charger. Anker claims that the Pro version actively controls the heat and output power to ensure safety and that this gadget is ideal for the new iPhone 13. As a result, it performs the same function better.


1. Lightweight Design And Size: Due to its small size, the Anker Nano Pro charger is the ideal travel companion. You may carry it wherever you go because it won't take up much room in your luggage or purse. Those chargers are made to resemble native rechargeable battery packs in terms of size and shape. Anker wants them to deliver greater power in a more manageable package. The 737 charger is just 0.5" longer than the 735 chargers, even though the forms of both chargers are similar. The 747 is 2.25" by 2.5", about same width as an AirPods charging case.

o GaNPrime 65W Anker 735 Charger - 53% vs. Apple 61W

o GaNPrime 120W Anker 737 Charger - 39% compared. Apple 96W

o GaNPrime 150W Anker 747 Charger vs. Apple 140W, 38%

2. Incredibly Quick Charging: Because of its PIQ 3.0 technology, it can charge your device up to three times faster than a regular charger. When generating energy from a wall socket to a gadget, chargers do have a tendency to get a little warm because power is being converted. The device will start to heat up because the wall power, which ranges from 110 to 220 volts, is much higher than the mobile device's 5 volts. The chargers from the Anker Series were charged within a safe level.

Anker charger

3. Authentic Design: The charger is made to last and has a robust casing that can weather deterioration. It resembles Chuck Norris of the Chargers.

4. Worldwide Compatibility: The Anker Nano Pro is compatible with a variety of gadgets, including iPads, iPhones, Samsung Galaxy phones, Pixel phones, and more. Therefore, this charger will work with whatever gadget you own.


1. A Cable is provided: You must use your personal charging wire since the Anker Charger Review does not come with one. Nevertheless, it's still a negligible cost compared to the ease and quickness it offers.

2. Easily gets lost: The charger is so little that it can be misplaced among your other things. Therefore, keep an eye out for it or get a bright one so you can always find it.

3. Fails in group charging: The Anker Nano Pro might not be the ideal option if you need to charge multiple devices at once. You'll need numerous chargers if you need to accommodate a large group because it is intended for solitary use.

With cutting-edge performance and specifications, Anker's products are designed to embrace the future of technology. The chargers are smaller and more compact than those in earlier models because of gallium nitride (GAN Prime), which offers faster battery capacity.

Conclusion: The Anker Nano Pro is the best option if you're seeking a portable, quick, and reliable charger. Even though it's small, it's powerful. Therefore, charge your device as though it were important. You are in good hands with the Anker Charger Review. Buy Now


1. Is Anker a charger openly supports Samsung?

Answer: Suitable for the iPhone 14/13 series, the Samsung S22, Air Pods, Samsung Buds, Google Buds, and more, the Anker 315 portable charger (Pad) offers 10W maximum fast recharging (Wall Charger Not Included)

2. Is Anker a premium brand?

Answer: Anker is known for being trustworthy. It is one of your best options if you're searching for an accessory that is more dependable than the dirt cheap, no-name manufacturers but more affordable than the official ones.

3.Does Anker charger review continue operating from Korea?

Answer: (Anker brand does business with headquarters in Kowloon, Hong Kong. Robotic vacuums and LED bulbs are produced by Anker Innovations, Ltd.

4.What is Anker renowned for?

Answer: In terms of charging technology, Anker is the market leader. This covers auto charging, wireless charging, and our most popular portable and wall chargers. Anker is a leader in Power Delivery technology, which enables computers, tablets, and phones to charge at previously unheard-of rates.

5. How durable is the Anker charger?

Answer: The lifespan of an Anker portable charger is between 300 and 500 full charge cycles.

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